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How to do Employer Branding 

In today's competitive job market, employer branding is more crucial than ever. Companies with a strong employer brand attract top talent, improve hiring metrics, and ultimately, achieve greater success.  


But what exactly is employer branding, and how can it significantly impact your recruitment process? Let’s dive in and explore the essential elements and tools for building a robust employer brand, backed by compelling statistics and a real-life case study. 


How Employer Branding helps in recruitment? 

1. 75% of candidates research employer brands before applying for a job

2. 72% of recruiting leaders worldwide agree that employer brand has a significant impact on hiring

3. 50% more qualified applicants


What are Employer Branding Initiatives 

1. Social and Professional Media 

  • Company Page: Ensure your company page is informative and engaging, showcasing your culture and values. 
  • User Roles: Leverage employees as brand ambassadors to share their experiences and achievements. 
  • Mapping Employees: Highlight employee stories to build a connection with potential candidates. 

2. Website 

  • About the Company: Create a compelling narrative about your company’s mission and vision. 
  • Career Page: Design a career page that is attractive and easy to navigate, highlighting job openings and employee benefits. 
  • LinkedIn Banner: Use engaging visuals to make a strong first impression. 
  • Culture Page: Showcase your company culture and what makes your workplace unique. 
  • Key Managerial Person’s Profiles: Highlight the leadership team to build trust and credibility. 
  • Service Area/Industries: Clearly outline the sectors your company operates in. 
  • Team: Feature team members and their roles to give a human touch to your brand. 

3. Employer review websites 

  • Company Profile: Keep your profile updated with accurate information. 
  • Recent Updates/News: Share company news and achievements regularly. 
  • Employee Reviews: Encourage and manage reviews to reflect your company’s culture. 
  • Mapping Employees: Highlight employee experiences and contributions. 

4. Google Business 

  • Company Info: Ensure all information is accurate and up-to-date. 
  • Services: Clearly outline the services your company offers. 
  • Workplace Photos: Share high-quality photos of your work environment. 
  • Reviews: Manage and respond to reviews professionally. 
  • Photos: Use engaging photos to attract potential candidates. 

5. Overall Branding Elements 

  • Company Profile: Maintain consistency across all platforms. 
  • Logo: Ensure your logo is professional and recognizable. 
  • Key Managerial Person Profile: Highlight the profiles of key leaders. 
  • Tag Line: Create a memorable and meaningful tagline that reflects your brand. 


Case Study 


Our company heavily relied on job portals to source candidates. However, the offer acceptance ratio was low as candidates didn’t know much about Corenza. 

Our Solution: 

We increased our visibility on professional and social media channels, optimized our website, and enhanced our profiles on platforms where candidates research before applying for jobs. 


Within six months, we built a robust inflow of candidate applications across various functions. Additionally, the number of candidates from referral channels also increased significantly. 


What steps has your company taken to enhance its employer brand? If you need assistance in building a strong employer brand, feel free to reach out to us at or explore the resources we’ve provided.