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Building a Finance Team in Startups

Struggling to Find the Right Finance Talent for Your Startup's Growth? Discover How Strategic Finance Teams Propel Startups to Success!

From our experience working with 200+ startups and MNCs over the past four years, we've seen firsthand how a well-structured finance team can drive performance growth and impact a company's success within 1-2 years. 

Common Challenges Startups Face:

1. Compliance Risk
2. Poor Investor Relations
3. Higher Operational Expenses
4. Revenues Climbing but Profits Shrinking
5. Inefficient Financial Planning
6. Limited Strategic Insights
7. Ineffective Risk Management

During the early growth stage, many startups struggle to make expansion plans and find candidates who can devise smart financial strategies. We've addressed these issues by hiring the right candidates.

Case Study: Fintech Startup

A funded fintech startup secured back-to-back funding in the last 18 months but faced challenges in finding finance talent capable of managing overall finance functions and sustaining their growth. They required individuals experienced in finance control, business finance, tax, and investor relations but struggled to find reliable and high-quality talent on short notice.

How Does Corenza Help?

We recognize the significance of finance controllers, business finance managers, tax professionals, and investor relations managers. Leveraging our extensive network of 75k senior finance professionals and the expertise of specialized finance recruiters, we swiftly filled all three openings for these crucial positions.

The Value We Create:

By sourcing qualified candidates, we enable startups to effectively manage all funding, determining allocation strategies with precision.

If you're a startup looking to build your finance team, consider these pointers during recruitment. They provide insight into the qualities and skill sets necessary to find the right candidates. Connect with us today to learn more about how we help startups and MNCs build their finance teams and grow their business.