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Beating the Clock: How We Ensured Compliance for a Top VC Firm in Record Time

When the clock is ticking and compliance deadlines loom, how do you ensure your team stays on track? Discover how we turned an urgent hiring challenge into a success story.

A leading VC firm in Mumbai faced an urgent need to hire a compliance officer. Their current officer was leaving, and the statutory deadline for submitting the new officer's name to SEBI was fast approaching.

Our Approach:
Recognizing the critical importance of compliance, we mobilized our extensive network of senior compliance professionals. Leveraging the expertise of our specialized finance recruiters, we swiftly reached out to compliance officers from other AIFs who were available to join within a month.

In just one week, we presented three highly qualified candidates to our client. One candidate was selected, but understanding the urgency and critical nature of the situation, we continued to provide additional profiles to ensure our client had a backup plan in case the shortlisted candidate didn't join.

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