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Inspiring Story of PhysicsWallah

Ed-tech Start-up, PhysicsWallah, founded by Alakh Pandey was in news recently as it raised $100 million in Series A Funding and became the latest Indian Unicorn. The story of Alakh Pandey and his journey of making PhysicsWallah a unicorn is quite inspiring.

Alakh, born and brought up in Allahabad studied mechanical engineering in Kanpur. He has started to tutor and coach the students from an early age to help the family and contribute financially. Unfortunately, he could not complete college and dropped out of college to teach physics at a coaching institute in Kanpur.

In 2014, he started his YouTube channel where he started teaching chemistry and physics for free to the students appearing in JEE/NEET Exams. In 2019, he met Prateek Maheswari, who has already founded some start-ups and they soon felt they had a lot in common and both wanted to make a real difference. With the help from Prateek, in 2020, PW (PhysicsWallah) app was launched and as they say, the rest is history. On the very first day, it crashed, as there were so many downloads that the systems were not able to handle that much traffic. In just seven days, they reached 3 Lakh downloads. The PW app was getting popular. Their rise picked up speed when the country was facing a corona pandemic, and the app reached new heights as education was getting online.

Alakh was also offered to join Unacademy, which he declined and decided to continue to chart his path, which has led him to unicorn status.

Current numbers for PhysicsWallah are mind-boggling. It has become a network of more than 6 million students, and 1500 staff whose aim is to provide quality education at a reasonable price. The revenue the company's revenue is around 350 crore and what is important to note here is that they are making profits, unlike other ed-tech start-ups. It is present online as well as offline and is giving tough competition to other ed-tech start-ups.

The driving force behind the success of this enterprise is the zeal and passion of Alakh for teaching the students. This funding will help them grow further and reach more students. They are planning to use these funds to expand their business, open more offline PW centres, and launch courses in vernacular languages.

Alakh has come a long way and has helped millions of students through his classes. His story is an inspiration to many entrepreneurs who dream to make a difference.